Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Flo and Eddie guest on Martin Mull's "Soundstage" TV show.
From 1975.


Het Bos is a small club (and restaurant) in Antwerp, BE.
I have visited it a couple of times already because of their programming of experimental music.

January 19 and 20, Het Bos will start the new year with an impressive little festival.
The line-up includes Brzzvll and Wall Streets (with Mauro Pawlowski) to name just two ...


The Wooden Indian Burial Ground (or WIBG, but I like to say their full name) have a new album out.
It's called "Winnie & The Nihilist" and next to the superb album cover, it offers 9 fine tunes.

Check them out here :

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Ghost Highway Recordings released a 7" by Walter Daniels Meets Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks called "We Have Both".
Side B is a super-bluesy version of Captain Beefheart's 'I Love You, You Big Dummy'.


Released on CD by Klanggalerie last year,
and available on Bandcamp since Jan 12, 2018.

Hardy Fox adds:
I found the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love - 2017 - far too great of a temptation. I was in my early 20s, in San Francisco, stoned out of my mind in 1967. But much of that music stayed with me. I really wanted to do a cover album of music I often heard live at the Fillmore West, or coming from a flat-bed truck in Golden Gate Park. It is easy to romanticize youth, but let me tell you, 1967 was not a normal year. I am so glad I was in the middle of it. -HF


A message from MoonJune Records

Indonesian Pianist, Icon of the Indonesian Music Scene (1963-2017)

Dear Friends in Music

Exactly one year ago, a very dear longtime friend of mine, suddenly passed away. RIZA ARSHAD, Indonesian pianist, was the second most important artist in development of MoonJune Records, immediately after the iconic British saxophonist and Soft Machine alumni legend Elton Dean. While Elton was the one who hugely influenced me to start out of blue and pout of nothing my record label back in 2001, as well my booking activities, Riza Arshad introduced me to the wonderful world of Indonesian music. In 2007 I have released first of 4 albums of the seminal Indonesian band simakDialog, a brainchild of the late great Riza, which is also thee first of 20 albums of Indonesian musicians on my label. Riza was an extraordinary man and an extraordinarily gifted visionary artist. We had two unreleased albums that we wanted to release in 2017: another live album of simakDialog from their scone USA tour in 2014, and his Rhodes trio album with Ernest Tibbs on bass guitar and Chad Wackerman on drums. Eventually these albums will be released sometimes in the near future. Riza wanted his music to be heard, and his music deserves to be heard. In the near future, MoonJune plans to release a tribute album featuring Riza's music, performed by some of his friends and colleagues and by some of the iconic musicians who appreciated his extraordinary talent.

To remember my dear friend Riza Arshad, MoonJune is offering FREE DOWNLOAD of all simakDialog's albums (Patahan, Demi Masa, The 6th Story, Live At Orion) and for those who prefer physical format, 4 CDs are available for a symbolic price of $20 plus shipping.

This generous offer is valid until January 31st.


The Word.

From Jezus Factory :
A monthly slot hosted by London-based Jezus Factory founder Andrew Benett, the only Brit mad enough to devote the better part of his label's catalogue to Belgian artists. Think dEUS, Mauro Pawlowski, Rudy Trouvé and the likes.

  • A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen – Event Horizon
  • Grand Blue Heron – Call The Shots
  • Gruppo Di Pawlowski – Charmatron
  • Butsenzeller – Rhythmic Shapeshifter
  • dEUS – Black Eye
  • True Bypass – I Cried Enough
  • Mark Mulholland & Craig Ward – A Strange Place
  • Craig Ward – Trinity
  • Kiss My Jazz – Stained Glass
  • Pox – Cry Now
  • dEUS – Jimmy Dean
  • The Love Substitutes – Open
  • The Mechanics – Out Of Love Town
  • Gore Slut – Telephone Calls
  • iH8 Camera – Schlitz
  • Craig Ward – Island To Any Island
  • Superalmedrado – Gotta Give It Up
  • Lionell Horrowitz & His Combo - Penguin
  • dEUS – Nine Threads


Here's two books that I picked up at a clearance sale.

  • Prince - De complete geïllustreerde geschiedenis
        (2017, book, nl, librero)
    by Jason Draper
This one's nice.
Beautiful pictures and a chronological overview of Prince's albums.

  • Prince - The Icon Series
        (2017, book + dvd, nl, rebo productions)
A bit less convincing.
The book does have some fine pictures, but I expected more from the DVD.
The news report after Prince's demise, the low quality video clip material,... A missed opportunity.


To celebrate Cheer-Accident's appearance at the RIO festival, last September, Skin Graft Records re-released two albums in a remastered version : "Trading Balloons" and "Salad Days".

Originally issued on CD in 2000, "Salad Days" has been issued on both the CD and the vinyl format.

This is not the most accessible album of the Chicago-based band. Co-produced by Steve Albini, the listener is offered rock rhythms and progressive grooves mixed with dream-like psychedelic escapades.
The album ends with 'Salad Day', an 18-minute opus that will have you glued to your headphone.

Multiple listening sessions required.
Recommended listening !!

Available from Mandaï


Every now and then, everybody should listen to some Coltrane...